Don’t welcome a burglar into your home.  Start protecting your home from the outside.

Many criminals stake out homes prior to burglarizing them.

Make your residence less desirable for them.



– Trim trees and shrubs so that doors and windows are visible to your neighbors.

– Sometimes having “spiny or thorny” bushes near windows deters criminals.

• Lighting

– Use security lighting and motion sensors around your home.

– Should be out of reach.

– Install lights that are programmed to come on randomly.

• House Numbers

– Make sure your house number is clearly visible on your home from the street – day and


– Place numbers on mailboxes.

• Doors and Windows

– Keep all windows and doors locked when you are not home, and at night.

– Use deadbolts.

– Keep your car doors locked.

– Keep windows looking into the garage covered so that criminals can’t look inside.

– Secure “Doggie Doors”.

• Keys

– If you hide a key, keep it in a well hidden place, not the obvious.

– Don’t have anything descriptive on your keys i.e. “front door key”.

– Know everyone who has a key to your home.

– Don’t hang keys inside your home in plain view.

• Other Ideas

– While you are away, cancel your newspaper, and have a neighbor collect your mail.

– If your car is outside, have your neighbor move it around randomly.

– Use light timer to turn on lights at night.

– Place ADT and other alarm stickers on your windows whether or not you have an alarm.

– Don’t leave cardboard boxes, i.e. TV sets, outside for trash pickup.

– Have someone mow your lawn, and trim hedges if your area away for a long time.

– Don’t write on FACEBOOK that you are going to be away from your home.

• Apartments

– Change your locks when you move in.

– Nail or Screw in Air Conditioners.

– Use a bar on Sliding Doors to secure them and close the blinds to block the view into

your home.

– Use Peep Holes in the Doors when answering the door.

– Teach Children about using the phone, and answering the door, if they are home alone.